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Band Heaters
  • High temperature oxidation resistant mental sheath.
  • Highest grade mica insulation provides excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures and is resistant to moisture.
  • Clamping band is low thermal expansion stainless construction designed to maintain clamping pressure at elevated temperatures.
Band Heaters
  • Nickle/Chromium resistance wire evenly wound for uniform heat distribution and reliable accuracy.
  • Standard 10" fiberglass leadwires are UL rated and provide protection up to 850 degrees F.
  • Approximately 1/8" thick.
  • Large Stock inventory available for same day shipping.
Fiberglass Lead Terminations
Type L1
Type L2 Type L3 Type L4 Type L5 Type L6
Fiberglass Lead Terminations Fiberglass Lead Terminations Fiberglass Lead Terminations Fiberglass Lead Terminations Fiberglass Lead Terminations Fiberglass Lead Terminations

• Leads exiting both sides of gap are standard unless other wise specified

• High temperature fiberglass leads are rated to 850 degrees F.

•Standard lead length is 10"

• Lead wires exiting 180 degrees from gap are common on nozzle heater applications.

• 1.5" of
sleeve protection is standard on lead exits.

•Leads exiting straight out the side are available on any construction.

• Leads exit through a brasses eyelet.

• Leads may exit at right angle out of cap from any position on the heater.

• 1.5" of sleeve protection is standard.

• Lead wires on one side of gap are available on amy construction.

• Common exit for small band heaters.

• Standard gap is .300"

• Stainless steel spring provides extra support, protecting leads from sharp bends.

Stainless Steel Braid Terminations
Type B1
Type B2 Type B3 Type B4 Type B5 Type B6

• Stainless Steel braid exiting both sides of gap.

• Leads are 2" longer than S/S braid.

•Stainless Steel braid offers both flexibility and abrasion protection.

• Stainless Steel braid exiting 180 degrees from gap.

• Stainless Steel braid straight out side.

• Leads exit sheath through brass eyelet.

• Stainless Steel braid with right angle exit through gap.

• Stainless Steel braid out same side of gap.

• Standard gap is .300"

• Stainless Steel braid with spring guard.

Stainless Steel Conduit
Post Terminations
Type C3
Type C4 Type N1 Type N2 Type N3 Type N4

• Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit offers utmost lead abrasion protection.

• Leads are 2" longer than conduit.

• S/S Conduit is sometimes referred to as armor cable or hose.

• Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit exiting through right angle cap.

• Post Terminal Vertical position.

• This is standard position for heaters 2" wide and greater.

• #10-32 screw thread.

• Post Terminals each side of gap.

• This is standard position for nozzle heaters and band heaters less than 2" wide.

• #10-32 screw thread.

• Post terminals Parallel position.

• #10-32 screw thread.

• Button terminals may be ordered in same position as N1. N2, or N3.

Clamping Variations
Welded on Barrel Nut Wedge Flange
Clamping Variations Clamping Variations Clamping Variations Clamping Variations

• Low thermal expansion alloy strap to tighten around whole circumference of the heater, allowing maximum contact between heater and working surface.

• 5/8" strap on heaters greater than 1.5" wide.

• 1/2" strap on heaters less than 1.5" wide.

• Standard gap .300"

• Welded on barrel nuts are optional on any screw or lead termination.

• Excellent clamping option for heaters with holes or cutouts.

• No strap to loosen or adjust.

• Standard barrel nuts are 3/8" diameter and use a 10-24 socket head cap screw.

• 5/8" clearance required.

• Wedge mount is ideal for low profile clearance, and when access is limited.

• 1/8" clearance required.

• Min. I.D. 1".

• Min. width 1"

• Flange lock up is best for heaters with multiple holes or cut outs.

•1/2" clearance required.

• Min. I.D. 1".

• Min. width 1".

Band Heater Special Construction
Two Piece
Terminal Box Holes Euro Plug Type B5 Box
Band Heater Special Construction Band Heater Special Construction Band Heater Special Construction Band Heater Special Construction Band Heater Special Construction Band Heater Special Construction

• Two piece construction is available for easy installation and removal

• Please specify total wattage when ordering.

• Min. I.D. 3".

• Terminal boxes are excellent for preventing electrical shock or electrical shorts.

•Terminal boxes are available on any clamping or construction style.

• 1.5" wide x 2.5" long x 1.87" deep.

• Band heaters can be manufactured with custom holes or slots for thermocouples or special mounting needs.

•Please supply drawing or sketch for exact hole locations.

• Specify location in terms of degrees and size of hole.

• Minimum of 1/2" is required from the hole to the edge of the heater.

• European type plugs are available upon request.

• 1" x 1.75" x 1".

• Expandable Mica Heaters allow you to open the heaters to the diameters of the barrel for easy installation.

• Min I.D. 3".

• Heaters should be opened all the way one time.

• Box or rectangular heaters are efficient for heating dies on plastic extruders.

• They can be manufactured in one or two piece construction.

• Please supply detailed drawings or sample part when ordering or for quoting.

Special Construction Options

• Three phase construction for high wattage heaters.

• Dual voltage wiring allowing the heater to run on either voltage at the same wattage is available on any clamping or termination design.

• Ground lead or terminal is available on any design.

• Ceramic terminal covers.

• Internal Type J or Type K thermocouples are available for close temperature monitoring.

• Box and irregular shaped heaters can be designed to your specifications. Please supply drawing on all special orders.

• Bayonet fitting for thermocouples.

Band Heater Ordering Tips

When ordering please specify:

• Quantity
• Inside Diameter
• Volts/Watts
• Termination Type
• Desired clamping
• Part number if known previously ordered.
• Construction variations e.g. wedge lock, flange, two piece, expandable, etc.
• Special holes or cut outs. Please provide drawing of hole location.
• Specify total wattage on 2-piece construction.

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