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Manufacturing And Technical Experience Quick Reference List
  • 20 inch diameter BK7 1/10 wave P-V in transmission convex/plano parabolic lens for synthetic star for W.L. Keck Observatory, Hawaii contracted through Lawrence Livermore National Labs
  • 24 inch diameter aspheric lenses for Lawrence Livermore National Labs and French National Lab Fusion Systems
  • 12 inch diameter Silicon meniscus convex/concave F/1.5 aspheric lens for Aerojet contracted through SSG Tinsley
  • 40 inch diameter F/4 collimating mirror for NASA Goddard
  • 40 inch diameter F/0.7 mirror finished for NASA Goddard, with four 8 inch off-axis sections cored from parent, assembled into mount for four sections, and re-aligned on-site to match original orientation
  • Light-weighted Space/Flight qualified off-axis mirrors manufactured for U.S. Navy contracted through SAIC, San Diego, CA, including off-axis hyperboloids, off-axis oblate spheroids, prolate spheroids finished to extremely tight tolerances of .023rms to .062 rms. Diameters ranged from 8 inches to 16 inches, with aspheric departures of up 146 waves
  • 1.5 inch diameter by .020 inch ZnSe beam splitters fabricated to 1/10 wave flat in transmission
  • Multiple systems of 3 inch, 4 inch flight qualified IR lenses from Si, Ge, ZnSe, CaF2 for complete systems manufactured for SAIC, San Diego, CA
  • 1 meter. 1/10 wave flat P-V Zerodur Flat manufactured for KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)
  • 1.1 meter, .025 waves rms Zerodur Flat manufactured for KASI (Korea Astronomy Space Science Institute)
  • 30 inch ZnSe meniscus F/1.5 aspheric window finished to 1/10 wave P-V for TRW
  • Work completed on three large telescopes, correcting the hyperbolic mirrors to the parabolic primary on a 1.5 meter diameter scope and twin 48 inch tracking scopes. Correction was completed to star light on site, Maui satellite tracking station
  • 600 mm diameter by 8 mm thick plano/plano Si window finished to 1/10 wave P-V for SSG
  • 1 meter diameter by 10mm thick Zerodur meniscus with aspheric concave side mirror for JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) Program contracted through Ball Aerospace
  • 30 inch 1/10 wave P-V F/4 Zerodur mirror completed for Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii
  • Barium Fluoride and Calcium Fluoride lenses finished for Lawrence Livermore National Labs
  • 30 inch diameter and 24 inch diameter BK7 concave/convex beam combiners completed for Boeing and DoD.
  • 60mm CaF2 cubes finished to ¼ wave for SAIC, San Diego, CA
  • 9 inch diameter by 9 inch radius Ge Domes finished for U.S. Navy
  • 80 inch diameter 1/10 wave P-V flat and 80 inch diameter 1/10 wave P-V completed for U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy
  • 25 inch hexagonal by 1 inch thick, light-weighted concave spherical Aluminum mirrors finished to ¼ wave for Ball Aerospace
Project DWGs
Si Cylindrical
Si Cylindrical
244 2172 Off Axis Oblate Spheroid
244 2172 Off Axis Oblate Spheroid
244 2442 Off Axis Oblate Spheroid
244 2142 Off Axis Oblate Spheroid
244 2422 Off Axis Hyperloid
244 2422 Off Axis Hyperboloid
AL with NI Gas Aspeheric
Al with Ni Aspheric
CaF2 Beamsplitter
CaF2 Beamsplitter
Large BK7 Lens
Large BK7 Lens
OPT M3B Zerodur Aspheric
OPT M3B Zerodur Aspheric
1 Meter Zerodur Flat
1 Meter Zerodur Flat
Sapphire Window
Sapphire Window

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