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Hampton Controls Inc. Strip Heaters are manufactured to your custom specifications. Our Strip heaters feature a high temperature oxidation metal sheath and high grade mica insulation resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Nickle/Chromium resistance wire evenly wound provides for uniform and reliable heat distribution.

Mica Strip Specifications Strip Heaters Options Strip Heater Ordering Information
  • S/S braided leads for flexibility
  • zButton terminals
  • S/S conduit for maximum lead protection
  • Right angle exit available on any construction
  • Dual voltage and 3 phase construction
  • Spring guard upon request
  • Built in thermocouple
  • Europlug
  • Terminal box
  • Ground wire construction
  • Custom mounting holes
  • Ceramic terminal covers
  • Quantity
  • Length and Width
  • Volts/Watts
  • Lead wire or Post Terminal Design
  • Mounting Holes or slots
  • Special construction
Minimum 2.5"
Maximum-Consult Sales
Minimum 3/4"

Normal 1/8"

Fold over 1.4" Watt Density - w/ Sq. In.
Maximum Sheath Temperature Watt Density Formula for Strip Heaters


(Heater Length -Cold) x Width

Maximum 900 F;482 C

Mounting Slot

9/32" x 3/8"

10-32 x 5/8" Post Terminals or 10" High Temperature fiberglass leads
Recommended maximum wattage 35 watts/sq. in.

480 VAC Max


Fiberglass Leads Stainless Steel Braid
Order Type SL1 Order Type SB1
  • Fiberglass leads out same end center
  • 10" leads standard
  • Leads rated to 850° F
  • Stainless Steel Braid offers a combination of flexibility and abrasion protection
  • Leads out same end center
  • Specify Braid Length
  • Leads are 2" longer than braid
Order Type SL2
  • Leads out same end edge
  • 1/2" sleeving at exit
Order Type SL3 Order Type SB2
  • Leads out opposite end edge
  • 1/2" sleeving at exit
  • Leads out same end edge
Order Type SL4 Order Type SB3
  • Leads out at top of heater
  • Brass eyelet whwere leads exit sheath
  • 1/2" sleeving at exit
  • Leads out opposite ends
Order Type SB4
  • Leads out at top of heater
  • Brass eyelet whwere leads exit sheath
Post Terminals Stainless Steel Conduit
Order Type SN1
  • Post terminals vertical
  • Minimum width 1.5"
  • Marathon standard location
Order Type SN2
  • Post terminals parallel
  • Minimum width 1,5"
Order Type SN3
  • Post terminals opposite ends
  • Minimum width 1"
  • 1/2" sleeving at exit
Order Type SC4
  • Stainless Steel Conduit offers utmost abrasion protection
  • Leads exiting out top of sheath
  • Leads are 2" longer than conduit

Strip Heater Dimensions and Variations

  • Hampton Controls, Inc. manufactures strip heaters in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • The 1.5" wide strip heater is preferred for clamping applications

  • Post terminal dimensions and locations.

  • Butt case for applications where strip heater will be placed in a mill slot between two steel plates.

  • Post terminals are located 1/4" from edge of heated section.

  • A third terminal mey be added for dual voltage, three phase operation or for easy grounding.

  • Mounting holes may be located anywhere on the heater as long as there is a minimum of 1" between the edge of the hole and one side of the heater
  • Please provide drawing for hole dimensions and locations.

  • Ceramic terminal covers 3/4" in height and 3/4" diameter.

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